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Office Cleaning Services

To maintain a perfectly spotless office comes with many challenges. Managing additional staff and keeping a check is a hassle. Subscribe to a customized cleaning from CleanlifeUk and stay rest assured.

Our Cleaning service will cover the following areas of your workspace:

Cleaning of specific areas which tend to be missed on a regular basis such as mirrors, windows, office pantry, washrooms, workstations, ceilings & floors

Complete Sanitization of wash basin, toilets & urinals – based on site surveys and your customized requirement.

Extraction of dust from all accessible areas using vacuum cleaners with HEPA filter.

As an additional requirement, we can also tend to your cleaning requirements of office and board room carpets, chairs & sofa shampooing thereby giving your workspace a new and fresh look.


A professional crew of Hygiene Experts will be assigned to you who are committed to clean your office space

Use of appropriate chemicals & equipment for cleaning & sanitizing different surfaces

Timely services with top notch quality

Trusted professionals with world class hygiene practices

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Frequently Asked Questions.

The disinfection treatments we use meet EN 14476:2103 + A2:2109 standards and can therfore be regarded as effective against coronaviruses inclluding the SARS-CoV-2 strain.
We use QAT/QAC test strips to ensure adequate solution has been used during fogging. The results will be provided on request together with your certificate of cleaning.
Virucide will not deteriorate, damage or harm common surfaces such as countertops, worksurfaces, upholstery, wood floors, carpet or painted walls. Our team may spot delicate items and perform alternative cleaning techniques if required.
Virucide does not damage electronics because the mist produced is extremely fine, yet effective. You will not have to remove computers, TVs or anything of the like from the premises before fogging. However, electronics like laptops, desktop and computer accessories will be deep cleaned and disinfected by hand before the fogging process.
Wait at least 1 hour before returning. Air out as necessary (i.e. open windows/doors).
Yes, on request we can supply a risk assesment, method statement, COSHH assesment and insurance documents.



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