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Examination Gloves

Sonic 200® Cobalt Blue Nitrile

Examination gloves

Featuring revolutionary ultra-thin formulation exmaination gloves will adapt so seamlessly to your hands that you'll be working faster than the speed of sound! Each box of gloves contains 200 machine packed soothing indigo blue colored gloves. We guarantee these gloves will be the next big thing for healthcare professionals!

New ultra comfort formulation.

2.2 mil thickness for improved tactile sensitivity.

Finger textured finish.

Cost saving & Space saving: 200 gloves per box.

Soothing indigo blue color

Increased tensile strength

Quality Cobalt Blue Nitrile examination gloves that offer increased tensile strength and protection over Latex and Vinyl.

Designed for Perfection

Incredible Ultra-Thin Nitrile examination gloves specifically designed to offer increased comfort, flexibility & sensitivity.



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